Gutter Cleaning

Gutter and Eavestrough Cleaning Calgary


We are professional at cleaning your gutters. We have a 35 ‘ telescopic vacuum pole that can reach unbelievable heights and a super powerful vacuum that will leave your gutter looking like new. All the debris, we take with us and dispose it organically.

If possible, we also get up on the roof and remove gutter debris by hand.

Did you know that if gutters overflow, water can leak onto your roof and cause damage? If you have trees near your house be sure to check your gutters regularly, especially after leaves fall it is crucial to have the gutters cleaned.

Exterior Eavestrough

Some call it gutter others eaves, while we clean the debris from the inside we can also wash the outside. We scrub and pressure wash the exterior of eaves even if they are 3 stories high. We have a state of the art carbon fibre pole that can reach to the moon. Why do you think the moon is so shiny every night. Ok we might be exaggerating a bit but seriously, we can clean soffits and fascia boards and eaves that seem unreachable. Wether by pressure washer or by water fed brush, we have all the right tools to make your entire house squeaky clean.

Exterior Eavestrough Cleaning Calgary

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Nick and his team were professional, experienced, did a terrific job, and were so very pleasant. Nick communicated promptly about bookings (I had my windows and gutters cleaned), quoted fairly, and did a significantly better job than past experiences. Winducks is on my regular maintenance fave call list - and now my neighbour has added them as well.

On 22 September 2020

Just had my gutters and downspouts cleaned - fantastic experience! Service is professional, efficient, safe, and courteous - price was very resonable. Highly recommend and would use WinDucks again in a flash.

Cochrane, AB
On 03 July 2020

We are pleased with the excellent service we received from Winducks. They were super friendly, conscientious and did an outstanding job of cleaning our windows and gutters. We would definitely recommend them to others and look forward to having them work for us again. The prices are reasonable and the quality is exceptional.

Sherwood Park
On 12 August 2020

I wash my dishes then put them in the dishwasher, as that person, I’m super happy with quality. My dog also ran straight into the window thinking it was open, the service they provide is just as good or better than they advertise, in my opinion

On 04 June 2020

We were very happy with the timeliness and quality of service for our window cleaning. Very nice people to deal with and they were on time, did the work and cleaned up. Doing windows in the Fall made sense to us since we spend more time indoors in the winter looking out through them! Just a thought,

Carr McLeod
On 24 October 2019