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Why Choose Winducks™

Calgary’s Beloved Window Cleaners

Our Services Include:

Window Cleaning in Calgary

Winducks offers top-quality exterior and interior window cleaning in Calgary for residential and commercial clients. 

We utilize cutting-edge window cleaning technology to keep your windows looking their best. With the help of a water-fed pole and a sophisticated filtration system, your windows will be squeaky clean and spot-free for many months to come.

Calgary Window Cleaners
calgary window cleaning
gutter cleaners in calgary
gutter cleaning calgary

Gutter Cleaning Calgary

Winducks are professionals at gutter cleaning in Calgary. Our experienced gutter cleaning experts use a professional gutter cleaning vacuum system designed to reach virtually any gutter or eavestrough from the ground, ensuring that your gutters are thoroughly cleaned and operating smoothly without flooding or leaking.

Exterior Eavestrough Cleaning

The eavestrough is responsible for collecting and channelling the rainwater away from your home’s roof. 

A dirty eavestrough is usually clogged with debris such as leaves, twigs, and other materials resulting in rainwater spilling onto the roof or running down the side of the building, damaging the roof and structure of your home. Winducks provides exterior eavestrough cleaning services. We will ensure that your home’s roof is well-maintained and protected from further damage.

Exterior Eavestrough Cleaning Calgary
christmas light installment
christmas light installation calgary

Christmas Lights Installation Calgary

We understand how difficult and dangerous it is to install Christmas lights on your own, which is why the experts from Winducks are here to help. 

We install high-quality commercial-grade lighting to your specifications. No dangling wires, and cheap quality lights that burn out and can be a fire hazard. Our LED lights are the strongest and brightest available in Calgary, and you may choose whichever colour combination you prefer.

House Washing

It can be difficult, damaging and time-consuming to clean the outside of your home on your own, which is why it’s best to leave the pressure washing to the experts from Winducks. We have the necessary equipment to get the exterior of your home squeaky clean, whether it’s external window washing, gutter and eavestrough cleaning, or anything in between. Our technicians are tained to also clean siding and brick, ensuring no damage is ever done to your property.

We are able to clean up to three stories. We utilize a water-fed pole and pressure washer, taking special care in and around delicate surfaces.

house washers in calgary
professional house washing
Competitive Gutter and Window Cleaning Prices

Best Price Guarantee

Here at Winducks, we value all of our customers, which is why we provide quality service at very competitive prices. We guarantee that we will provide the best residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning in Calgary. Send us any quote from a reputable cleaning company, and we will beat it.

Other Services That We Provide

Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services

Winducks provides high-quality commercial window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and Christmas light installation services for low-rise buildings.

We offer special commercial rates and we have $2 million liability insurance and commercial-grade professional equipment that enables us to complete our services safely and efficiently.

Outdoor and Indoor Window Washing

Window Washing

Our expert cleaners from Winducks Calgary will efficiently clean the inside and outside of your windows.  We use a combination of tools and techniques for the best results. 

Depending on the location of the window, we will either employ a squeegee and sustainable cleaning solution or a water-fed pole connected to a purification system. We will ensure that your windows will be squeaky clean!

Commercial Pressure Washers


Here at Winducks Calgary, we use powerful commercial pressure washers. We also use a wand that reaches up to 24 feet so that we can easily clean each corner of your home.

We offer professional pressure washing services for exterior house washing, driveways, decks, patios, and just about anything that can be pressure washed safely. With our Power wash, we can easily remove mould, mildew, grime and dirt.

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27 Reviews

Kristen Power

Winducks was fantastic! My windows (inside and out) look amazing. Crew was professional, polite and worked hard. Owner is great to deal with for bookings, quotes etc. They went above and beyond and were affordable. Would highly reccomend!!

Terri Flynn

Nick and his team (in particular Jack) were amazing and very accommodating! Had my exterior windows cleaned and they look so clean! Will definitely use Winducks Cochrane again!

Melissa Sawatsky

Winducks are professional in their communication and respond to emails & enquiries in a timely manner. The job they did on my windows was awesome. No streaks or spots on the windows. Very clean 😊

Why It’s Important to Regularly Maintain Your Gutter

Gutters are an essential part of a home as they serve to collect rainwater and direct it away from the house. 

House gutters gather rainfall as it falls from the roof and send it into downspouts, which channel the water out of the home. This helps to keep water out of the walls, where it could cause decay and other issues.

If your gutters are broken, missing, or clogged, water will pool and eventually destroy whatever it can get into.

When gutters are obstructed, rainwater has nowhere to go. Rainwater may not drain correctly if gutters and downspouts are clogged with leaves and other debris. The interior and exterior of your home are both vulnerable to water damage from overflowing gutters. Keep your roof in tip-top condition with our Calgary window cleaning experts from Winducks. 

We have a 35′ telescopic vacuum pole that can reach unbelievable heights and a super powerful vacuum that will leave your eavestrough, fascia and gutters looking like new.

Why Winducks

Our Portfolio

Here at Winducks Calgary, we take pride in our work and effort. Take a look at some of our best jobs over the years.


Yes, all our locations are registered with WCB, this includes our Winducks Gutter & Window Cleaning Calgary, Winducks Gutter & Window Cleaning Cochrane, and Winducks Gutter & Window Cleaning Edmonton locations.

You can obtain a no-obligation window or gutter cleaning price by either submitting the online quote form or by emailing us directly.

Yes, we have 2 million liability insurance. We can provide documents upon request.

Depending on the accessibility, our exterior window cleaning service technician will use either a squeegee and scrubber or a water-fed pole brush connected to a water purification system.

We accept debt, credit, cash and e-transfer. We have a wireless terminal that can accept payment on-site or we can send you an invoice with a credit card link.

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